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    * International Members

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    We are now setup to handle Group Buys. We define a "Group Buy" as any bulk purchase of the same item or items. A Group Buy is:

    1. Six or more of the same item

    2. Group Buy organized by a single person

    3. Transaction conducted by the Group Buy organizer

    All Group Buys will receive FREE shipping and additional discounts or benefits depending on the purchase. All Group Buys will require quoting. The person who organizes the Group Buy will be eligible to receive store points good towards future purchases. This is a great opportunity for our international clients.

    Contact me for further details.


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    hmmm interesting
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    This looks like a good chance to get rid of those ultimate drying towels. It would probably be easy for me to organize too...when you get a chance PM me with quotes on the 2 and 3 packs.



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