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    QD question

    Hello, this is my first post after joining this site.
    Have been reviewing this forum for last few weeks and have a question about the different Quick Detail Sprays that are on the market
    Is there a great differance between the QD`s or are they all about the same? Some I have been think about purchasing are Clear Pearl, Crystal Mist, Poorboy`s QD+, Eagle One Wipe `N Shine, and others. Are some better then other or do you get what you pay for?


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    Well................ I don`t know if there`s a big difference between QD`s, but I feel there is a difference. The good news is, there are plenty of good ones out there.

    I still really like a good carnauba based QD on a canauba finish. I like the thought that some of the carnauba is being replenished....... however slight that may be. The EF Clear Pearl, One Grands Show Off, and Pinnacle Crystal Mist are the three main ones that come to mind. The later is very expensive though, and it`s debatable whether it`s better than the first two.

    For an inexpensive "all round" QD, it`s hard to beat Mothers Showtime, or Meguiars FI. I like either of these products better than Meguiar`s QD (red bottle).

    The Platinum QD is a really fine QD, especially when used with synthetics............... very slick, and a nice gloss. Very similar to Zaino`s Z6. I`ve also used the Platinum QD on carnauba with good results.

    I`ve heard great things about Poorboys new QD, and Clearkotes Quick Shine, and plan on trying them in the future.

    In the end, I think you get what you pay for (with a few minor exceptions).

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    The Boss is always right...QD+ is coming to DC real soon
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    I`ve not been using a QD since I got the Poorboy`s Spray and Wash. It seems like that would almost be a duplication....QD on top of Spray and Wash and the Spray and Wash seems to me to be more versatile. There must have been at least a half a dozen times this last month where I`d have had to completely wash the truck had it not been for Spray and Wash.

    But, I still have a bottle of QD+ on order! Got to try it. But just to prove my loyalty to Spray & Wipe let me say that I`ve got a 5 gallon bucket of it on order too!
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    the only thing i use it for anymore is wiping up the bird bombs. imight use it as a clean-up product if a product clumps or dries up. i also will use it as a clay bar lube. i aviod using it as a wash substitute or even a dust remover. still a good part of the detail arsenal though.

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    Try mixing your favorite qd (platinum, EFCP, FI) with s&w. It makes a great qd with the cleaning abilities of s&w .
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