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    Thumbs up Winter washing facility update

    Since most of us can now wash our vehicles without worrying too much about freezing weather, I thought I might pass on some info about my winter washing.
    Last fall, I was able to get permission from the manager of a car rental place to use one of their wash bays if it wasn`t needed for a rental cleanup. This arrangement was absolutely fantastic. Warm, clean, well lit, really great. I was able to keep two vehicles washed and waxed the entire winter. It was not uncommon for me wash or wax a car three times during the week.
    The people that work there really got a kick out of the old guy that is always washing his cars. They had never seen or even heard of anyone taking that kind of care of a vehicle. Remember, cars are just a way to make a living to them.
    It was interesting to me to see how they took care of the rentals, as well. Every rental was cleaned up when it was returned. Washed and vacuumed. They could do 4 vehicles while I did one of mine. Car-Brite products were what they used with a boar`s hair brush on a long handle. They washed the car, rinsed it, used a California Water Blade on only the windows. The rest of the car just air dries. They then vacuumed with a huge shop vac, dried off the door weatherstrip and they were done. Surprisingly enough, they looked pretty darn good.
    The place is only 4 blocks from my home so it was really convenient, as well. I hadn`t said anything before because I didn`t want it to seem like I was rubbing anyone`s nose in my good fortune. Hey, check around, you might find some place you can use next winter.


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    I think I have mentioned this before:

    you lucky ....!!
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