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    Detail King Training

    Just wondering if anyone has ever been to Detail Kings 2 day training school. The first day is how to get a detailing business started and the 2nd day is hands-on training. I am thinking about doing it next May after I graduate college and before I move to Myrtle Beach, SC. Detailing is what I would like to do but I`m not sure if I could make the money I would like to make in life.

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    I believe our fellow member fiveohmustang went to that training school. If I remember correctly, he is of similar age to us as well.

    P.S. Why wait to start the business? I started mine before graduating
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    You can make a lot of money detailing, but you need to start now. There are things that you just aren`t going to learn in a classroom. I guarantee you that half of what you learn there is either going to be stuff you already knew or aren`t going to apply every day. Half of what is left is very valuable and worth the trip. Whatever is left is stuff you would have learned by doing anyway. So it is up to you. I`m definitely not dogging taking the class. I think it would be great. In fact, my ambition in life is to teach those types of classes. I just don`t think that you need to wait to take them before you start working.

    What is your degree in? Is it going to help you in detailing at all? I`m just curious. I`ve got degrees that are certianly not detailing related too and am always curious to know what brings others like me into this industry.
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    I`ve been detailing for about 6 years now. Nothing professional if you could even call it detailing. I always take my time and do the best job I can with the resources I have.

    My major has NOTHING to do with detailing. I`m a Criminal Justice major at Radford University in Radford, VA. Is there a major or something that deals with detailing? Iwould seriously be interested in it if there was.

    I want to go to the Detail King class just so I can learn a few more things. I learned a few tricks this summer working at a Chevy Dealership but I cleaned mostly new cars so I was working on fresh paint a majority of the time. I want to see different examples of paint and what kind of product to use in different cases to get the best possible shine out of it.



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