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    Getting a Buffer what to get.

    First off hello I probably will be posting here quite a bit. I am not a professional detailer, but have quite a few vehicles (most black)all in constant need of detailing. I only plan on doing an entire car a few times a year. Most likey I will only be doing problem areas and small projects.

    I am looking to get a buffer. Although I dont have a lot of time behind a rotary, they do not scare me. I dont really want to get a machine that I find had limitations later on. I have been looking at the Makita 9227CX3 package. Looks to be a pretty good deal. I have had nothing but flawless performance from my other Makita tools. Of course other recommendations are welcome!

    I do not know much about the various pads and compounds. A detailer I know suggested 3M products, but I see that Poorboys brand products are very popular here. Here is a rundown of the wishlist I have complied so far (all 3M)
    5723 compounding pad
    5725 polishing pad
    4330 packup pad
    5710 adapter
    5973 perfect it II compound
    5996 perfect it glaze

    Please feel free to add to or correct this list as necessary.

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    Well if your willing to spend the money IMHO I would recommend a Milwaukee 5540 rotary. I would actually tell you to get the PC (random orbit), but I found it to have some limitations. Have not use the Makita, but I think the Milwaukee is a heavier unit. It seems like most everyone else likes Makita, DeWalt or Porta-Cable.

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    Welcome to the City! :welcome

    I`ve got the Makita and absolutely love it. It`s easier to work with than the Milwaukee I tooled around with, and is also lighter than the Dewalt. I personally like the handle better too.

    I personally wouldn`t go with a rotary in your situation, but that`s just me. The PC can do quite a bit of work if you have the right pads and products. You can really screw a finish up with a rotary. It`s not about being scared of it, it`s just not something you pick up one day and say, "hey, let`s go to town." You might have a few cars and such, but for the enthusiast who wants to do their cars a few times a year, the PC is it.

    Also, I found if you want to work harder and get mediocre results, you buy 3M. If you want less effort with better results, you go Poorboy`s. You can use them in the sun, they are typically less expensive (DC discount too), and applying and buffing are easier. I don`t mind 3M`s Perfect II compound, but it is a pain to get off. If I need to go that route, I usually use SSR2.5 or 3. Also, I would suggest the Edge 2000 pads. It eliminates the use of a pesky backing plate and velcro. You`ll soon find out that velcro will often give way before the foam of the pad does. They have a great video to watch about it.

    Those are just my .02 about it. Good luck.
    Nick Carberry
    ~Detailing high-end cars with quality products~

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    Makita makes a RO polisher that is also a rotary for ~260ish? Might be better than going straight rotary and still give you the option of using a rotary!
    You have activated my special ability....

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    I detail professionally and I use the Milwaukee, also have the Dewalt but don`t use it much. In my opinion, they all do the same thing...they spin. So I say if you like Makita tools, buy it! Maybe us men don`t always wear matching socks but why not have a matching set of power tools.

    Personally, I like 3M products, not all of them but these you mentioned I really like.
    5973 Perfect it II compound - love it. I`ve tried so many compounds and I have found this stuff the best hands down. One day I decided to use my neighbors beater as a testing bed for 6 compounds from Megs, to Mothers, to Auto Magic, ect. The 3M P II worked best. (Never tried PB`s)
    5996 Perfect it Glaze - I use on every car I do...Awesome for black. Apply with rotary at slow 500-800 rpm. A little goes a long way once your pad is primed up with it.

    Good luck and welcome to DC!
    I`ve been busy but I`ll try to make some time.



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