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Thread: zaino question

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    zaino question

    Well I am thinking of bitting the zaino bullet. If I use AIO do I still have to do a dawn wash?

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    save the dawn it will dry out your trim and tires ! - aio will clean off whatever is on your car
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    Zaino needs a perfect swirl free car....AIO won;t take care of your swirls and light scratches

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    I would go with SSR2 or SSR1 if the swirls are light, then go right to Zaino. The SSR line doesn`t have any fillers, so Zaino will bond nicely. If you don`t have swirls, go with AIO, then right to Zaino. Z-1 or Zfx would still be needed in either case.
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    I guess I`m going to be the "stick in the mud" again, but here are my thoughts:

    If you are going to the Zaino process to achieve maximum durability and the "Zaino" look, I would advise that you follow the process that Sal recommends.......... make sure the paint surface is super clean, and free of all imperfections. You probably don`t need the Dawn wash, but cleaning the suface after polishing to remove "anything" that could be on there is a good idea. If you have the Z7 wash, you can probably use that after polishing, as the Z7 is a pretty strong product to begin with, and should remove and polish residue (but maybe not AIO).

    To clarify, I would say that "any" pure sealant (like Klasse SG, Zaino, EX-P..... Etc.) will provide maximum durability when applied to a clean surface, or to other layers of the same product. Therefore, I would polish/clean with products other than AIO. Zaino will adhere best to a clean surface, and other layers of Zaino.

    On the other hand, if maximum durability and the pure Zaino look aren`t necessarily your goals, then you can mix and match just about any products. How much of a difference in durability and looks you will see by following the manufacturers recommendations versus modifing them remains to be seen. I can tell you that Zaino, and most other products work best when "used as directed"!

    Having said all that, keep in mind that I`m the first one to start topping "this product" with "that product"!

    Just my 2 cents
    Hope it helps.



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