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    #7 Glaze/ PP question

    I`m still learning and will be ordering some Poorboy products soon, but have stuck with Meguiars for the time being.

    I use DACP, #7 polish, followed by #26 wax.

    Reading the posts on here and seeing the pics I was wondering if continuing the process I am using now is good/ok or should I change up my process.

    I`m really striving to get that wet look that we all love. Is following up the DACP with #7 a good idea?

    Also, from what I have read it seems PP gives a better wet look than #7. Is this a good assumption? Everyone seems to have there favorite products, and of course it depends on what shape the paint is in, but lets assume for this post the car is in decent shape.

    If not #7 what about #9 if needed?

    thanks in advance.

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    I think it`s better if you use #9 or any SMR to remove any hazing left by DACP. I always follow DACP with a less abrasive product because i can`t seem to it down to it`s finest stage. #7 is a pure polish that doesn`t contain any abrasives and it will only hide the marrings left behind by DACP. I`ve used #9 or menzerna FP to follow up DACP with great results.

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    I agree with Dtail................ using #9 after DACP, and before #7 is an even better process than the one you are using. Although, the process you are using is pretty good to begin with. However, if you are not dealing with significant scratches, you may only need #9, #7, #26.................. no sense using DACP if you don`t need to. If the car is in decent shape, I would use SSR1 to replace both #9, and #7. If it needs just a touch more work, then SSR2 followed by SSR1 would cover it. If the car needs even more work, then SSR2.5 followed by SSR1 should get it done.

    Personally, I don`t think PP would give you the wet look of #7. PP gives more of a clean/clear/bright finish as opposed to a wet/deep look. SSR1 does a better job of leaving a wet look.



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