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    Car Dealer Ships?

    What do you mobil guys charge when setting up used and new car dealer ship accounts???? A few used dealer ships asked me if i can clean there cars up but i jsut want some advice on how to set up weekly washes,details..... and pricing thanx

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    what kind of cleaning will you be doing, lot wash?
    prepping cars for auction?
    normal wash and vac?
    all has to be considered in the price

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    Dealership is one word.

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    You won`t be getting more than $75 each for a stealership detail. I work at one. If you do line up dealer work, make sure they get what they pay for, a $75 detail. These cars are 99% in poor condition on top of that. I look at it as if someone wants to give them perfection for that price or less, I`ll let them waste their time. For a dealer detail I wouldn`t dress the vinyl and only give them a once over with Speed Glaze on the outside with a rotory. Yes they do provide steady work but you`ll never make it as a living doing strictly dealer work unless you hire employees and do volume.
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    I would find a one step product that has an absolute ton of fillers in it and go from there, what that product is, I don`t know :dunno
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