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    hey all,

    I`m pretty knew to this, but I have been reading for a while.

    couple of questions,

    i have read of taping off pinstriping before polishing, what type of tape do you use. I have this image of pulling the tape off and the pinstriping coming with it.

    has anyone heard of the fein mini turbo vac? it is supposed to be very quiet with alot of punch. (approx. $175)

    last question for now. I just ordered my pc7424, and I have read where some of you use PP before ssr1 and some use pp after ssr1. is one right and one wrong, or does it just produce different results?

    thanks everyone, i have learned an enormous amount just reading this forum and everyone seems eager to help


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    No need to tape off pinstriping before using a PC.
    There is no right or wrong way to use the polishes and everybody seems to have their own technique. The smart thing to do is learn what the products are, how they work, and how to use them correctly. If you know your tools, what you have to start with (learn the types of paint defects) and where you are going (how to correct paint defects) you will easily answer your own question!
    Ask a question, be a fool for a minute. Don`t ask a question, be a fool forever.
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