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    ez way to setup an EZ UP

    I`m sure this isn`t exactly beaking news to most of you guys but I just wanted to share an easy way to set up a canopy.

    All you do is attach locking caster wheels to the legs with vice grips before you pull it apart. Grab a leg with one arm and the angled piece that attaches to it with the other arm, then push your arms in opposite directions and voila!

    Taking it down is even pretty much folds itself back in.
    You can get the wheels at Lowes for about $5 apiece.
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    hey Jason I`ve been using EZ ups for over 15 years and never thought about that... that`s an awesome idea and it might even work on grass too

    thanks for the post...even old dogs can learn new tricks
    life is short it while you can




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