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    inspecting for swirls

    Hey all,

    I`d like to know, when you inspect the finish for swirls :

    a) Do you do it under bright sunlight only ?

    b) Do you wipe off any excess filler oil, after polishing, to *make sure* some swirling isn`t hidden instead of removed ?


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    a) I use two, 500 watt halogen lights mounted on a tripod. I can usually see more with these than the sun. In fact, if you don`t want to see absolutely everything ... don`t turn them on!

    b) I have been using Poorboys SSR polishes and they do not contain oils.
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    I like to use a 500 watt halogen light as well as natural sunlight.

    If I am trying to make absolute certain that all marring is gone I like to use AIO or PP on that section prioe to inspecton.

    I don`t really like using a isopropyl wipedown, just me.
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