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    Question on car painting

    How much would a repaint cost approximatley - say I want my car to be black - and not the 229 macco sucko job....?
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    It depends on shop to shop. Body shops HATE changing colors. They have to spray in the door jambs, under the hood and trunk, and so on. To do it right you are looking at a pretty penny I am sure. Now, you could go to a shop that will tape everything off and spray it and leave you with a job that looks nice until you notice tape marks and then you just blew away your cash.

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    Depends on several factors. In painting there are a lot of different degrees in quality.

    I`ve seen guys change the color of their vehicle and they basically delivered a stripped out vehicle to the paint shop (No interior, no engine, all the wiring pulled out, etc.) Then I`ve seen others that just had the new color sprayed over the old.

    It is all going to depend on how much money you want to spend as well as if you want to do any prep work. You`re looking at probably $2000 in up to $10,000

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    How much a paint job costs is like asking how much a new car costs -- It all depends on what you want...
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