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    Time to put new PC to real test. Wish me luck!

    Used the PC for the first time applying PwC on a white 92 300zx as a test. Looks good and went on very easy. Now for the real deal. I`m going to try it on my 04 Black Tahoe this weekend and I`mnervous as hell! If I screw up the paint job the wifey will kill me. Please tell me that everything will be OK? :-) This is what I`m going to try to do:

    1. Edge 2000 DA White, Blue, and Green Pads with quick connect system for the PC
    2. Wash
    3. No Clay (paint is in excellent shape)
    4. PwC
    5. EX
    6. S100

    I`m going to use the PC to appy the PwC and possibly EX. Should I use it to remove them also? Or just remove with microfiber towels. What Edge pads should I use to apply/remove? What`s a good safe speed to set the PC on for a newbie like me.
    Sorry for all the questions guys but I`m kind of nervous. Thanks for your help!

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    Everything will be ok
    Apply PwC with blue I think (polishing pad?) and EX with the white one. Speed 4 or 4.5, Remove with a MF, I wouldn`t bother removing with a PC.
    Go easy with the amount of product, not much is needed to get a super thin layer.

    Don`t bother to get nervous with the PC until you`re doing multiple passes of SSR3 (like I`ll be doing tomorrow on a 93 RX7)
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    You can`t mess up when using the PC unless you drop it on your hood. It is a very safe machine to use. I always use my PG to apply product only and I always buf off residue by hand with a MF towel.
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    i used my buffer for the first time today, i was scared at first but the results were awsome! i wish i took some before + after shots!



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