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    Lightbulb Interesting Strategy

    Along with every detail, it might be a good way to promote business by taking a picture of the car you detailed, putting it into a little magnet frame, and giving it for free to the owner(along with your company`s number on the frame). This way, they might put it on their fridge, and every time their car starts to get dirty they will see how beautiful it once looked, and give you a call.

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    Good idea! I`ve been taking pictures and emailing them to my customers after the job. But I like your idea even better. Do you think the business supply stores would have those magnet frame? or an arts and crafts store?

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    To tell you the truth I haven`t really looked into it, although I`m sure you can find something suitable at one of those places. I figure this is good for first-time customers who will have your number on the fridge instead of opening the yellow pages and calling the first number they see.



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