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    stripping wax/sealant

    Some of you guys talk about using alchohol to remove wax/sealant as prep for polishing.

    My question is, Would putting a cup or so of alchohol in my wash bucket with my normal car wash strip the wax/sealant? Would this cause any harm to the paint? Has anyone tried this or anything similar?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.

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    Doesn`t look like you are getting much action on this.

    The alcohol/car wash combination I would have no idea about. I probably wouldn`t use it since I`m not much of a fan of home brew chemical mixtures.

    If you are changing the product you are using, it would seem that using a paint cleaner/polish would work for you.
    4 Star UPC, Klasse AIO, for use under sealants or waxes are a couple that come to mind. S100 SEC, P21S GEPC also do a good job, but might be better suited to use with waxes rather than sealants. :dunno
    I happen to be a fan of AIO, but there are probably several that would do the job.

    If you are planning to do some painting, then I would definitely use a product intended for use prior to painting.


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    Sealant removal

    For stripping wax/sealants: 3M Prepsol, Hightemp`s Prep-Solve, Akyra`s Klean Cleaner.

    Those listed above will remove ALL wax and ALL sealant! No guessing if it was removed... it was, trust me.

    Drink the alcohol, use a solvent designed for stripping wax/sealants, fillers oils etc! That`s your best bet!

    There are tools/chemicals just designed for a specific job. Problem always is finding it and using it correctly.

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