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Thread: sticker removal

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    sticker removal

    How do I remove the dealers sticker from my bumper? I`m not into free advertisment.
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    There are probably several varieties of stickers beng used, but I have had good luck using a hair dryer to heat the sticker.
    This softens the adhesive enough to allow the sticker to be removed. Usually I have been able to get the sticker and most of the adhesive off that way. A couple of times I have had to use something to remove a small amount of adhesive that remains. Several products will do that. WD40, Goo-Gone, Sticker Off, and I have used a cleaner/wax with some success.


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    I have used bug/tar remover (turtle wax brand and Megs brand) and really got the sticker wet and let it sit on there for a minute or so and then it comes off with some gentle rubbing. That worked well on my dealer stickers but I took them off within a few days of getting the car so if they have been on longer I can`t say for sure but I bet the bug/tar remover or goo-gone would work fine.

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    I use a heat gun to get the area hot the sticker will peel off then Goo Gone to take the glus off. Do not get teh area real hot just enought to get the sticker loose
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