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Thread: 2001 lincoln LS

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    Talking 2001 lincoln LS

    I just got a 2001 LS and want to get it looking extra clean. It`s in great shape, but I want to do some detailing. What are the best products for my car. I just got some meg gold class clear coat liquid wax. Is that cool? What do I need to clean the leather seats, steering wheel? And what do I use on the dashboard?
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    I also have a 2001 LS. It is a V8-Sport 49k miles/Black/Tan/w the chrome rims. I really love this car and you will also!

    What color is yours and how many miles does it have?

    This is what seems to be working for me....
    Wax - I`m still experimenting. If it is a dark color like mine, stay away from the polymers. I was satisfied with using P21S Cleaner and the Meguiars Gold Class Polish (made it look really deep black and wet..nice) but am going to try PoorBoys w/Carnuba to see if I can cut out the cleaner step.
    Seats/Steering wheel/Interior/Doors - 4STAR Leather Cleaner and Conditioner....and...*gasp* Every so often I`ll use Formula 2001 on the dash
    Chrome Rims - WheelWax
    Wheels - Meguiars Endurance (Natural)
    Trim - Meguiars Gold Class Trim Detailer
    In between washes I use PoorBoys Spray & Wash and 4STAR Ultimate Gloss Enhancer.

    BTW: If your looking to do some upgrades or just have general questions about maintaining the car check out the LS Owners Club It costs $35 a year but there is a free trial membership so you can look around. It has saved me about $400 in parts and alot of headache when dealing with Lincoln/Ford Service Departments by knowing exactly what to demand/ask for and how they deal with certain situations.




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