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    noticed something weird

    Just wanted to know if you ever noticed this:

    Tuesday I finally got the 2nd layer of EX-P on the truck....I put the first layer by PC on sunday and then wanted to do the second layer by hand. Well I am not to skilled with getting thin by hand but I wanted to try. Well I got it on the hood kinda heavy but it did remove easy. Then when I woke up and went out to go to work on wednesday we had frost. And on the hood you could see the exact outline in the frost like it was when it hazed over. Just seemed kinda weird that frost would form the same pattern way as the wax hazed over before being removed.

    Does this mean its very uneven?
    I never got this when it was applied by PC. Should I do one more layer with PC to smooth out the layer

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    Nope use the PC for the first layer only. Was your applicator moist? It helps with thinness and evenness. Secondly, try the new PVA applicators they`re far less porous than sponge applicators and put a super thin even coat on the car. Last buff well with a good microfiber towel. Well, not hard!
    Good luck and let us know how it went.
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