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    How to run a HandWash and Detail Shop?

    Since i am from NY and i no how bad the winters get and all i am looking for a shop that i can do regualr hand washes and High End Detailing so when it is slow and the weather is bad i can do regualr washes like a car wash just a professional job by hand. do you guys think that that is a good idea and do yuo guys have any ideas or tips?

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    Ever time you run into a problem you get on the board and asked which is okay. but here is your answer. Take a BUSINESS MARKETING CLASS then those creative juice will start flowing this will solve alot of your problems trust me it works I have been in your shoes. GOOD LUCK send me an e-mail

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    That is what this board is for asking questions, about what ever intrests you. I`ve seen countless threads asking the same thing and people either refer them to those threads or try and give an answer.
    A business class is a good answer for the long term goal, but not for a quick point of reference and I`m guessing that`s what he`s looking for.


    Take the biz that you can that makes money. Those washes might turn out to be full detail jobs later in the year.
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