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Thread: Any new classes

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    Just placed my order on Monday Mar. 11 and come home today to find a package already here. Z1, Z2, Z6, Z7 and 2 applicator pads. Thats service, :xyxthumbs

    So I set out to wash my new car (4 days old) for the very first time. It was cold out low 40`s, but now I could`nt resist. Went out to the shed got the house out, gathered my buckets and grabbed the Z7. Too cold to start thinking about appling Z1 & Z2 and too late in the day anyways. Will dawn another day. Now sitting here with wet socks just to let you guys & gals know that what I learned here I put to use today, The trick with no nozzle on the end of the hose worked fantasic, so much so that when I went back to start washing there was hardly any water left on the hood.

    The leaf blower drying method I`ve read so much about & kind of chuckled to myself, well you people putting that knowledge in my head have turned me 180 degrees. Finding all those areas that kept wanted to spit out a little more water down my sheet metal made me think twice about the blower thing.

    Wife is getting interested into detailing as well, she washed the van cleaned the inside windows and all. Called her at work and she says hey hon I detailed the van today.:bounce

    The car looks fantastic so far. I can`t wait for a warmer day.

    The towels need to be replaced. Using egyptian cotton towels but they left some lint around the window weatherstripping. Went back with my fingernail the wipe it all out. Any tips on that or is that a common problem with cotton?

    Thanks all for the great info.
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    Zaino customer service is second to none, truly first class. :up :up

    Anyhow, sounds good, can`t wait to hear your results and pix would be great!


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    Yep, Zaino`s service is first class.

    If you didn`t already, try washing your towels a few times (liquid detergent only) that usually helps with the lint.

    Kudos on the detailing wife. And don`t worry, you`re not the only one who is pacing back and forth waiting for warm weather.
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    Any new classes


    I recently purchased a Porsche Boxster and have been reading various forums on detailing. I obviously missed the September class at the Shine Institute in Richmond, VA but was interested in future classes. Are any new classes planned in the Richmond, VA area or better yet, anywhere around the Shenandoah Valley?

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    I would also be interested in any trainings in the area. I didn`t have enough notice before the last one to make it. I`m in NC but would travel a fair distance for it.



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