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    Thoughts and suggestions needed please!

    Ok...I posted a while back about detailing a new bright red F150 of mine that was starting to show some minor spider webs after only 3 washes by the local detail shop. Well, I decided on PoorBoys products to get me started. I bought some SSR2, some PwC, and some MF`s. I washed the truck, then clayed it. Boy, that really smoothed it up to the feel. Then, I sis the SSR2 by hand using back to back motions...not circular...applying it with a MF and removing it with a MF. After 2 days of off and on rubbing on it, I got pretty discouraged doing it by hand. Although everyone else could see a big difference, I still havent got ALL the marks and scratches out. I can see that a PC is a must next time. I then went over it all with the PwC and that seemed to help too, Not sure if it filled some of what I still seen after the SSR or not? Will Carnuba hide some things as well by filling them in? Anyway, that part is all done and it has a real good shine and reflection now. Thank PoorBoy!
    My question is.... Since I am done rubbing this thing for while until I can get a PC, what could I get easily at like AutoZone or somewhere to top the PwC with to give it a little protection and/or hide more of the imperfections? Will a true carnuba add anything to the Pwc? Not sure how much protection the PwC has, but dont want to strip anything I have done off. It just may be a while before I get the time to do it all over again. Thanks for any insight you can give a newbie. You guys doing this for a living have my admiration cause this was work!

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    Try using a cotton towel or applicator instead of a MF when applying SSR2. MF is great for removing SSR2 residue, but it does not create enough "bite" to apply and work the product.



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