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    Nice transformation! That car looks in good shape for over 200,000 miles!

    P.S...... I think you need to give your brother a "beating" (If he really is your brother )!

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    Strange name, ain't it? NattyBumppo's Avatar
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    Holy cow! You deserve a Purple Heart. Very nice work. Now like Boss said, go "educate" your brother.

    "Sorry Miss, I just decided I don`t do mini-vans"

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    Yeee Haw!! nthngd2say's Avatar
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    WOW :bigscream

    That interior was horrible, great job. The entire vehicle no longer looks like it is a vehicle with over 200k on it. The wheels really looked great after. Nice work EBP

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    GOT PREP? EBPcivicsi's Avatar
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    Thanks everyone! You know doing cars like this makes ALL others pretty muh a cake walk!

    Keeotee, his response was something along the lines of " I can`t believe it is the same car." It is definitely just transportation to him.

    Jeffbruce, well it could have used another 7, but maybe next time.

    Gary Jones, I will look into that DNA test, we don`t look THAT much alike........:wait

    Hisurftension, yep this car should be as advertisement for Toyota!
    I cleaned as a favor, nothing else. One day I will need that favor returned.....

    Andriver and tkr128, thanks a lot!

    Nick0844, thanks man, the paint was BC/CC I have a feeling that if it would have been SS it would been a lot hareder to get results. Especially since the paint was white. The paint was OK after DACP, but obviosly could have benefited from more prep.

    Dalmore, mine never takes the "big stuff" out either. He might now though( I hope).

    rabbi, I know what you mean. I got a really good nights rest going into it!

    Thanks Boss, I am going to look into a DNA test soon!

    Natty, thanks, I will do what I can to bring him over the OCD group we call detailers.

    nthnggd2say, thanks atleast he can step into the car now without getting dirty!

    Thanks again to everyone for the kind words!
    Word of Mouth Detailing
    A man with experience is not at the mercy of a man with an opinion

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    WAZ UP DC nice job now thats detailing anybody can get a new car to look new its the older one that i like

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    Did it as a favor? Man, I need you as a brother.

    GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!

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    Great work my friend.........

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    Great job...

    EBPcivicsi... Absolutely outstanding work !!! I have 4 brothers and after seeing your brothers car, I immediately thought of one of my brothers. Must be one in every family.

    As usual ... GREAT JOB !!!!
    No buff to tuff

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    One word..WOW. There is definitely one in every family. I have a cousin who "washes" his car while he`s watering his lawn. Great Job. I need a brother like you.

    If you think you`re confused, imagine how you feel.


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