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Thread: Discount ?

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    Discount ?

    A friend of mine said he thinks there might be a bunch of people at his work might like to get there cars done. So he wanted to know what I could do if he gets a group together. I was thinking I would give them a 10% discount what do you guys think.

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    What are you going to do? Full detail, quickie, extractor??? Also, are you new in the biz. Might not be a bad way to get your name out.

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    I am new and I would let them pick any of my packages. I figured it would be a good way to get some customers.

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    i would think it would be a good way to go your name out there. i say do it.
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    I don`t think 10% will mean wouldn`t mean much to me. One time half price would hook me...and then I might be hooked if you did a good enough job.
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    I don`t think you`d make much more doing a group at 10% off. I think you could drum up more business if you gave 10% off per customer per referral. EX: Customer gives 5 referrals, he gets 50% off his next detail. It gives the customer a reason to spread your name and they get something in return for doing it. Considering the cost of traditional advertising, 10% off to gain a new customer is cheap.
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    right now i give my customers a break as im new in town and i just want to get my name out there . i purchased a big extractor and im slowly paying it off . i detail on the weekends so i take what comes my way . i say go for it. in a couple years they will be begging for your services if you treat them right the first time around:badabum :hungry :headbang :yeah :dj
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