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    Fix for buffing pads

    I found a fix for pad failure. For the hell of it I tried to reattach the Meg`s pad that flew off the other day with some 3M emblem adhesive I had laying around. I put it all over the pad, stuck the backing on, then put a bead around the outside. After that it was left over night. The next day it was dry so I tried to use it. Just like new! So far it`s been used on 2 cars, once with a PC and with a rotory. I had another pad that was beginning to fail so I put a bead on the outside of that. After 4 uses it hasn`t got any worse and is solidly attached. The trick is to almost inject it into the pad and leave a little on top. Then take your finger and spread it flat, getting only about 1/8th in. on the velcro. Sounds wierd but it works.

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    Good call on that one!

    I think my next pad buy will be the Edge 2000 with the quick connect for a rotary.
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    Great idea, I was thinking the same thing, but was considering using GOOP or silicone adhesive/sealant. I use LC pads at the moment, but if I ever pick up some Megs pads, and they come apart, now I have a proven method to fix them.
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    Wow. That is amazing, considering a new pad is like 10$.



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