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    Question Steam Shark

    Ok, I got a Steam Shark over the weekend. It is still a little chilly to be doing detailing here, but hopefully soon it will warm up for good (and on the weekend!!). I played a little with the Steam Shark around the house. It seems to clean ok (a little smelly though). I found that I really had to get the nozzle close to the surface to get it clean. I mainly bought it to help with supremely detailing my one car (door jambs, etc.). Anyone have any suggestions for use? Will it harm the paint at all? Any areas I should definitely avoid its use (engine bay, etc.)?


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    I`ve tried a steam cleaner on various parts of my daily driver, but never had any good results. I tried the engine bay, the keyholes, the carpets, the door jams, wax residue... nothing. Eventually I just gave up on it, so I hope you have better luck than I did. Lemme know if you come across any interesting uses!

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    I got one earlier this winter, not used on car yet. I found that to get rid of cooking grease (from girlfriend`s mom`s pan) you need to use the brush attatchment. It worked, but you had to keep it on a section for a while, as well it`s pretty loud, especially in enclosed areas. As well, it just loosens the dirt/grime. You still need to have a towel to wipe it up after. It tends to splatter too, as the steam is coming out under fairly high pressure.
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