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    New to detailing, need advice...

    i am new to the boards so i`ll start by saying hi to everyone. i`ve been reading on the forum for a few hours now and have a question of my own.

    i have 2 BLACK cars that have been neglected, both outside 24/7-365, rain, poop, sap, may sit for days on end, and all they have to look forward to is a gas station carwash once every month if they`re lucky.

    now i want to break this mistreatment and start to protect my investments. problem is i know nothing and have no supplies of my own. i also dont know anyone in my area that can teach me on detailing so thats why im here i guess.

    Now i`ve heard of wax before from Karate Kid and i should be able to apply it fine, but it doesnt sound like its just wax that you guys are using. ive seen people using clay, polishes, glazes, sealents, something called EX? and AIO? among others.

    I would like to clean both the interior and exterior. Please build me a list of products(with price) you would recommend using along with the order in which to use them(at least for the exterior) and a few reputable websites you order them from. like everyone else i want stellar results so please dont stick the "new guy" with the crappy beginner products. I understand this might cost alot since I`m starting from scratch and new to buy everything but should be cheaper to maintain those supplies in the future.

    Ps> i`ve decided to get a PC7424 with counterweight and backplate but need some recommendations on what pads to get for removing swirls polishing waxing ect.

    Just a background on both cars...

    Car#1 2002 Nissan Sentra SE-R Spec-V (BLACK)
    ---Swirls and chips in the paint, the chips are deep
    enough to see the primer.
    ---Some bird poop was on roof and hood, after
    washing it off there where "shadows" left behind
    which looked baked into the paint.
    ---Windshield is Foggy/Hazy, a few rock knicks
    ---Cloth interior is dirty

    Car#2 2003 Hyundai Tiburon GT V6 (BLACK)
    ---Leather interior (dirty) hasn`t been cleaned or

    A few pics...
    i guess i cant include pics in the thread. but go here if you want to see some examples.
    Pictures of both cars

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    First off, Welcome to our sick world Expect some lenghty replies here and some good information as well. For your products I would suggest ordering them here form Dwayne, the products are all top notch and the customer service is outstanding. I would suggest:
    1) a good shop vac
    2) a multi-purpose cleaner... meg`s APC is really nice
    3)a vinyl dressing of your choice based on the look of your choice.. I like 303 or meg`s #40
    4)a good window cleaner..Stoners invisible glass, I also hear good thing about 4star`s
    5)assorted brushes... check the site for your specific needs
    6) a high quality wash.. I like meg`s GC for the "bang for the buck"
    7)a clay bar...claymagic
    8)a good paint cleaner... I like meg`s medallion paint cleaner
    9)a polish...For you probably poorboy`s SSR 1,2,3
    10)a glaze..3M IHG or or poorboy`s polish w/carnauba
    11) a sealant of your choice..I like UPP or poorboy`s EX
    12) a carnauba topper of your choice..I like meg`s #26 or s100
    13) a good QD to mantain... I like meg`s 34 or mother`s showtime
    14) some microfiber towels...10 16x16, 2 waffle weave
    15) some bulk MF for door jambs, windows, etc
    16) a good washmitt...100% cotton chenille or sheepskin

    I am sure that there is something I left out and there are certainly other choices I could recommend, but this will give you something to start with. All of these products should be available through Dwayne, and with an order like that you`ll get free shipping:mohawk

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    I looked at the pic`s, you have a lot of work ahead of you! Most people on this board will tell you that it`s hard to tell what extent the damage is based on these photos. It depends on how deep the "problems" are. Where you see primer, there isn`t anything you can do besides repainting the area or entire car (which will correct the other problems too ). From the photos, it looks like the "shadows" or "ghosts" left by bird droppings can be buffed out. Same thing for the water spots.

    Another thing, once you get this whole process finished.....KEEP THEM AWAY FROM THEM THAR TREES!!! :beat Otherwise, you`ll be doing them everyday.



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