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    Re: New Car Transport Wrap Removal- DYI?

    That sounds a lot like the temporary bug guard coating one can apply to front bumpers to guard against love bugs. It also simply washes away with soap and water
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    Re: New Car Transport Wrap Removal- DYI?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Ketcham View Post
    No issue with paint lifting. Plastic transit wrap has been in use by most vehicle manufacturer since the late 80`s. Depends on the brand and sales ratio, as well as where the vehicle is being shipped to. Example, Chrysler usea it on ones being shipped out of the US as well as a special water based coating they apply to wheels and chrome .It comes off with soap and water. Provided them thousands of gallons before I retired. All use sme sort of prptecytive coating at times.
    I`m sure that you are right but saying it could never happen doesn`t give me much comfort.
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