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Since you mentioned speaking to Optimum, the recently departed Yvan came up with some pretty innovative time-saving steps...I think one of them was, after wash, using Optimum Car Wax (a spray wax) as the lubricant for clay substitute. I think he did this before drying the car, so, Optimum No-Rinse wash a section, spray it with OCW, rub it down with the clay substitute, then dry...and in a few seconds you`ve cleaned, clayed, and provided some protection.
I have been lucky enough to attend several of Yvan and Chris` classes at Detail Fest, and picked up some of their time savers.

When I rinseless wash I clean the panel, spray the wet panel with Adam`s H2O Guard & Gloss, spread the G&G with a damp MF towel, then wipe the little bit of water with a waffle weave or PFM drying towel - wash, protect, and dry the whole Accord in 25 minutes.

For corrections, I rinseless wash the panel, spray the panel with a clay lube (lately CarPro Immolube), go over it with a clay towel, wipe dry with a fluffy waffle weave towel (I have lots and like them for this), spray the panel with a prep spray (lately Eraser, but may switch to Optimum Prep), and dry with a WW towel - cleaned, clayed, waxes removed, and dried in a few steps, without walking around & around the car.