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    Thumbs up CarPro Water Spot Remover - Results

    I had a freshly painted hood (top and bottom) and while I was wet sanding the top of the hood, the bottom of the hood ended up getting a lot of water that eventually dried leaving a lot of calcium deposits. I picked one area where I first tried polishing the spots off with M205 (no luck) then went to something more abrasive (still no luck) then chose to wet sand the area very lightly with 2500grit and do a full polish and even this left some areas with spotting b/c I didn`t sand it enough. AAARRGGG...I am NOT going to completely sand and polish the bottom of this hood!

    So, researching here I saw that there were chem`s that were supposed to remove water spots (yea right!) but I was desperate so I thought I`d give one a try...CarPro Spotless.


    Spray it on and work it a few seconds with a MF towel then wipe it off.. DONE! Some spots required reapplication but no elbow grease was required!

    There were a few spots on one of the turbo shields that I just sprayed over b/c I wanted to see what would happen and I could actually SEE the calcium "ring" vanish under the puddle of liquid within seconds. I then wiped the puddle off and viola, no more calcium spot!

    There were a few spots on one of the turbos (polished aluminum) so I lightly sprayed the turbo housing - BAD idea! This left spots (etchings?) in the polished housing.. Maybe Mothers Aluminum Polish will clean these up, not sure yet but not a huge worry at this time for me.

    In addition: I used it on my shower and it worked damn good there too. I sprayed it on a few tiles but required me to scrub it with a scotchbrite pad but it removed 95% of all the stains in two tiles very easily. I also tried one tile w/o the spray and simply tried scrubbing the tile with the scotchbrite pad but the stains wouldn`t come off.. These stains have been on these tiles for years and I`ve only been able to get them this clean with steelwool.

    Thanks again to all those on this site for posting your results this has helped me immensely with my automotive project!
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    Re: CarPro Water Spot Remover - Results

    Yes. I used it after my black Mercedes got hit with the sprinkler and was severely spotted. Worked great.

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    Re: CarPro Water Spot Remover - Results

    Thank you. With all the product claims flying about it`s nice to hear of one that actually works.

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    Re: CarPro Water Spot Remover - Results

    We use Spotless on a daily basis during the summer months at times - it`s a fantastic product!

    I haven`t had the chance (or the need) to try anything comparable out there, but I would never hesitate to recommend Spotless to someone looking for a rock solid solution.
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