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    Diamond Plate Cleaners ?

    On the days I`m not cleaning my ride, I go to work as a Firefighter.
    My question is are there any good spray cleaners for Diamond Plate. The lower parts of are trucks and steps etc. all have DP on them and they take alot of abuse. We have used Wenol in the past and it works great, but it can take several guys a few hours to do it. Does any one know of a good spray cleaner? I know a spray wont come close to wenol and the like, But we are a busy station and just need something easy.


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    I don`t know what kind of finish you`ve got on the DP, but if you just want to remove dirt or heavy grime (like soot, I`m guessing), you might want to try Castrol`s Purple stuff. I use that product on a lot of parts of a vehicle that are subjected to heavy road grime, grease, etc. Just spray on, wait about a minute, and hose off with a little pressure. It`s never failed me. Hope this helps!

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    Another idea is wenol with a polishing pad on a drill. It goes by a LOT faster.
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    Ok here`s an easy one..Poorboy`s Professional Polish with a scour sponge(like you use on pots & pans) then wipe it great and gets in all the nooks and crannys ...and then you can use the rest on the truck, aluminum, paint, chrome, brass..etc.
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