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    Angry I cannot BELIEVE this happened...

    Hey Guys;

    Just thought I`d vent a little. I was driving to work in my little blue RSX, when I saw ahead (about half a block) a couple guys in the street with a machine. Couldn`t really tell what they were doing, but I wasn`t really awake enough to care. As I got closer, I realized that it was one of those "cement cutters"--you know, the ones that spit the water over the blade and make a gash in the cement? Little did I know that the area I was about to drive through had already been "scored," and all I heard as I flew by was the familiar "swish-swish" as If I`d gone over a puddle. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! You know what happened next. I pulled over, looked at the side of my Trade Secret-donned car, and saw splatter marks of cement all down the side. Now, it`s not as bad as it seems, though. You see, It comes off rather easily, like it was a thick & dry mud substance, but I ran to one of those solar car washes to blast it off. Since I have about 4 coats of really good wax on here, it all blasted off in a matter of seconds. That is, until I peeked in the wheel wells. They were bright TAN with cement. AHHHHH again! Blasting, blasting I did, but I knew that if this is under here, my undercarriage must be just as bad. Sure enough, that night I threw Ol` Blue up on the ramps to reveal concrete splatter all over. On the block, the exhaust, over brake lines, EVERYWHERE. I grabbed some Palmolive and went to work with a scrub brush and a towel. I got to halfway down the car and got all pooped out. I`ll be finishing the rest of the bottom tomorrow.

    At least it looks like new again down there!

    Console me.
    Sure, it`s shiny, but how smooth is it, and how does it look in direct sunlight?

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    Similar, but not as bad

    I had just washed the car before going to work yesterday, and on the way there was a bridge overpass they had been working on.

    This is on the highway, so there was no way to stop and go another route. As I got close to the bridge (about 75`....NOT much warning at 70 mph) I saw the waterfall coming off the bridge. All the way across both lanes was a solid sheet of water coming down.

    Bright sunlight, downpour, bright sunlight...just that fast. The whole car was instantly soaked. Fortunately I had put a fresh coat of UPP on last week, so the water all beaded up and ran off the back & sides.

    Of course I had to pass under the same bridge on the way I just went faster this time
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    I am very sorry to hear about your recent bad luck. I can`t even say I know what you must be going through. I just hope through prayer and faith in God that you will get beyond this very difficult time. The Lord tests our faith in mysterious ways.

    By the way, did you go back and kick the living s*** out of those bozos???

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    Naw, no butt kicking that day, I had to get that stuff off! I didn`t know whether it would destroy my finish at the time, so I jetted to the car wash. In hindsight, I suppose a proper thrashing would be in order, but I was also late for work.:p

    Day 2 of scrubbing the crap off:

    I now have 2/3 of the undercarriage done, with the middle left to be scrubbed down. Tired, wet, and still a little pissed off.

    Sure, it`s shiny, but how smooth is it, and how does it look in direct sunlight?



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