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    Red face Tip for Cleaning Plastic Wheel Covers

    I was doing a neglected 96 Honda Odyssey van this weekend, and the plastic "beauty" wheel covers were coated with brake dust & grime that the Megs GC shampoo was not removing. It was just smearing it worse
    I was afraid that my favourite PB Spray & Rinse Wheel Cleaner might be too strong for the plastic. So I added 4 ounces S & R to the bucket of wash solution, & applied with an old microfiber. It only took a quick wipe around & rinse & the wheel covers were clean once again.
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    Re: Tip for Cleaning Plastic Wheel Covers

    Good post Norah!
    I still don`t believe in grit guards.

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    Re: Tip for Cleaning Plastic Wheel Covers


    Funny you post this Steve said to me a few weeks back when I brough some S&W. You can mix that on 50/50 for rims that are not in that bad a shape and ones that you have to be careful for with the finishes like those beauty ringa.
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