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Thread: Acid Bath???

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    Acid Bath???

    I heard someone here say they gave their car a acid bath to remove water spots. Does it work? What exactly is a acid bath?? Is it safe on black?

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    Re: Acid Bath???

    I think a diluted vinegar mix would constitute an acid bath since vinegar is naturally very acidic. I assume it would be safe on any paint as long as the surface was cool and it was removed promptly.

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    Re: Acid Bath???

    ive used acid on cars to remove water spots .. real acid .. its something you have to be very careful with . you can fry a paint job with it and you can also ruin glass in a hurry .. i would only do it again with a waiver from the customer .. i had a bad experience .. i know how to do it but i would avoid it
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    Re: Acid Bath???

    The acid bath will only remove the mineral deposits, any etching must be removed mechanically by an abrasive compound. An acid bath on the cheap side would be to initially wash the car, then wet the area (half of the hood, one door panel, etc.), take a MF applicator and dunk into white distilled vinegar (you can use full strength without worry since there is water on the panel), gently agitate the entire area for about 60 seconds and rinse with water. Check your progress and repeat if needed (probably not). Once finished rewash the entire car.
    I did this but used diluted vinegar and the process took longer, and two applications to the hood. However DavidB from Autopia, who wrote the article I read about doing this, told me that full strength can be used. To be safe test on an inconspicuous area first.
    Meguiars also makes a product in their marine line to water spot removal that is supposed to work really well.
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    Re: Acid Bath???

    I believe that you are talking about the post by Hawaiianelement... and he really did use acid. The thread is called Weekend Nighmare (or something like that). He did a great job on that car! You should take a look at the pics!

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    Re: Acid Bath???

    Yes that is the thread, "weekend nightmare w/pics" He actually did use acid to wash his car. He has bics posted of teh gallon jugs he used.

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    Re: Acid Bath???

    here`s a link to Hawiianelement`s post weekend detail nightmare

    The 4runner he did care out real nice



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