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10-25-2004, 04:35 PM
Anyone else having a problem today loading the home page? . The following is what i get when i type in www.detailcity.com :confused:
Index of /
Name Last modified Size Description
Parent Directory 25-Oct-2004 15:22 -
ArchiveBanner.GIF 26-Nov-2003 22:44 152k
ArchiveBanner.jpg 26-Nov-2003 22:28 64k
ArchiveBannersmall.gif 26-Nov-2003 22:57 93k
DC2.gif 25-Feb-2004 08:55 8k
DCsponsorbanner.gif 14-Sep-2003 16:21 7k
Default.css 28-Feb-2004 08:52 7k
Default.css old 27-Feb-2004 21:09 7k
NXTTECHWAX.jpg 04-Dec-2003 20:55 16k
PACbanner480.gif 18-Jan-2004 08:29 15k
PoorboysBanner.jpg 28-Feb-2004 15:27 14k
PoorboysBannerFinal.jpg 28-Feb-2004 15:26 41k
_private/ 04-Feb-2003 19:59 -
adamsbanner.gif 11-Oct-2004 10:32 11k
ads/ 25-Sep-2004 15:48 -
arcade.php 21-Sep-2004 21:21 53k
autogeekDCbanner1.gif 09-Sep-2003 16:55 17k
autogeekDCbanner2.gif 09-Sep-2003 16:55 18k
autogeekDCbanner3.gif 14-Sep-2003 16:21 5k
banners/ 22-Feb-2004 14:29 -
blue.css 27-Feb-2004 17:35 7k
cachesym/ 27-Feb-2004 13:23 -
car-links 15-Feb-2003 14:22 313k
cart/ 20-Sep-2003 12:04 -
cgi-bin/ 09-Sep-2004 19:08 -
chatroom.html 16-Sep-2003 10:48 1k
classifieds/ 12-Sep-2004 14:04 -
crankitupbanner.jpg 09-Feb-2003 22:29 7k
detailcitybanner.gif 06-Feb-2003 18:45 10k
detailcitybuttonauto..> 08-Feb-2003 14:01 3k
detailcitybuttoncale..> 08-Feb-2003 13:19 2k
detailcitybuttonfaq.gif 08-Feb-2003 13:19 2k
detailcitybuttonhome..> 08-Feb-2003 13:19 2k
detailcitybuttonmemb..> 08-Feb-2003 13:48 2k
detailcitybuttononli..> 08-Feb-2003 14:01 2k
detailcitybuttonregi..> 08-Feb-2003 13:19 2k
detailcitybuttonsear..> 08-Feb-2003 13:19 2k
detailcitybuttonuser..> 08-Feb-2003 13:19 2k
detailcitylogo.GIF 06-Feb-2003 15:35 11k
detailcitylogonormal..> 01-Mar-2003 23:40 16k
edgebanner.gif 15-Sep-2003 22:05 20k
edgebanner1.jpg 15-Sep-2003 20:20 20k
edgebanner2.jpg 15-Sep-2003 20:20 22k
edgepadlogo2.gif 14-Sep-2003 16:21 6k
email/ 23-Sep-2004 22:04 -
entropybanner/ 03-Sep-2003 16:53 -
forums/ 05-Oct-2004 21:07 -
forums30/ 23-Feb-2004 13:49 -
fourstarlogoDCbanner..> 14-Sep-2003 19:37 2k
games/ 21-Sep-2004 21:21 -
graphics/ 08-Mar-2004 10:16 -
guestbook/ 20-Sep-2004 16:46 -
hivemail_process.php 23-Sep-2004 23:00 5k
images bk/ 26-Sep-2004 11:21 -
images_pb/ 21-Sep-2004 13:51 -
links/ 22-Sep-2004 22:15 -
photopost/ 03-Oct-2004 18:57 -
phpinfo.php 27-Feb-2004 18:28 1k
pinnaclewaxDCbanner1..> 20-Sep-2003 17:06 21k
pinnaclewaxDCbanner2..> 20-Sep-2003 17:06 19k
pinnaclewaxDCbanner3..> 20-Sep-2003 17:06 20k
preludepacbanner.jpg 28-Feb-2004 14:42 30k
premiumautocare/ 09-Mar-2003 15:55 -
premiumautocareDCban..> 14-Sep-2003 10:37 12k
reviews/ 03-Oct-2004 17:02 -
specialmotoringbanne..> 12-Oct-2004 16:57 30k
specialmotoringbanne..> 14-Oct-2004 06:20 56k
topsites/ 27-Feb-2004 13:29 -
victoriawaxbanner1.jpg 05-Oct-2004 09:39 11k
victoriawaxbanner2.jpg 05-Oct-2004 09:39 14k
wolfgangbanner.gif 05-Mar-2004 14:17 9k
wolfgangbanner1.GIF 29-Mar-2004 13:20 13k
wolfgangbanner2.GIF 29-Mar-2004 13:20 11k


Apache/1.3.28 Server at www.detailcity.com Port 80

10-25-2004, 04:45 PM
Same thing here Dwayne must be moving things around

10-25-2004, 05:16 PM
I couldn`t get in my usual way of accessing the site. I had to come in through the home page. I usually just go right to the forums page from my favorites list.

John Styrnol
10-25-2004, 05:20 PM
Same here.

10-25-2004, 06:08 PM
I think he is changing things around. I was talking to Dwayne on the phone the other day and he said something about making it so only the forums showed and getting rid of the front page portal thing. I`m not a vBulletin guru, so I don`t really know much about it, but it looks like things are changing again at old DC. :bigups Things always change for the better around here, so I take it all with a smile.

10-25-2004, 06:08 PM
I was having that problem trying to access DC from work this afternoon, but I`m home now & it is working fine.

10-25-2004, 08:17 PM
Everything seems to be getting back to normal ,thank goodness.Detail City withdrawls are a terrible thing :car

10-27-2004, 03:57 PM
I hate the new format. I really like the homepage thing. Whne I am looking at the bords at work it is much easier to just have the homepage view instead of having to go to every forum to see discussions. At work I need to do things covertly and the new way is reall not good for that.

May have to say bye bye if it doesnt go back. Way too much time involved this way

10-27-2004, 06:46 PM
yes... I liked the old way more... maybe there could be two options for everyone?

The Fuzz
10-27-2004, 06:54 PM
How hard is it to click New Posts on the top of the page? I mean, if that is taking too much time then I don`t know what I can tell you. It doesn`t get easier than clicking one button to view all the threads that you haven`t read since you were here last. After you posted on a thread you have to click a button to get back to the front page anyway. All we did was change the button you had to push.

There are reasons for why we made the changes. Some technical and some personal. The bottom line is that this is the way it is for now till some other things come along. If you are going to leave a community just because you don`t like the way that it changed, then I just don`t know what to tell you about that. If I told Dwayne that I was going to leave if he didn`t bring back the front page then his response would probably just wave and warn me not to let the door knob hit me on the back end. :naughty He`s not the type that responds well to threats or ultimatiums. I really should make a list of all the members who tried to hold him to the coals and didn`t get anywhere with it. The list is long and distinguished. I`m even on it a couple times. :naughty

10-27-2004, 07:05 PM
Right on Fuzz. This new layout is fast and efficient.

That navigation bar is easy to find at the top of every page. New posts are always just one click away.

The front page portal system promotes excessive posts by people who post just to see their name on the front page. This new format eliminates that.

If I have to lose a handful of members to gain thousands, then so be it.


10-27-2004, 07:29 PM
Ok. didnt see the new post thing. Now I am happy. I guess I just got used to the old way.

Good to see that there is that option

10-27-2004, 09:33 PM
Would it be possible to put a rewrite in place so that links to threads won`t die? Some folks may not be techno-saavy enough to figure out how to get to a thread that they had bookmarked or found a link to. I`ve seen this cause problems on the forum I admin when we moved things around. Database completely changed so we couldn`t simply rewrite the URLs...

Google will be messed up for a bit, and a `permanently moved` signal to GoogleBot would help speed up the site being respidered.

The Fuzz
10-27-2004, 10:01 PM
That is why you can subscribe to the thread here in your profile. That way you shouldn`t lose them.

10-27-2004, 10:58 PM
How about something like this thread (http://detailcity.com/showthread.php?t=7823) (just the first I found with an old link to show what I`m talking about) that contains an `old` link? Someone finds that thread in a search, clicks JaredPointer`s link, and are taken to a 404 page.

Or someone does a Google search, gets a DC result, clicks it, 404.

That`s where an Apache rewrite would come in handy. It could automatically drop the "/forums" part of the old URLs and go right to the new one. Just something nice to have to help ease the transition. If ya`ll don`t see the value in it, that`s fine. Just a friendly suggestion. :phone: