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01-23-2002, 08:15 PM
Any body use the leaf blower on your engine to get the dust off?

If so did you knock any wires, ect off? I was thinking about doing that once a week. What do you guys think?

Redcar GUY
01-23-2002, 08:23 PM
Alot of people here are prob. not going to like the idea, But I do use a leaf blower sometimes to dust off the engine compartment, and to help blow some of the water out of the cracks and seams of the car when drying. I use a Shop-Vac that has a detachable leaf blower, if you get one I would say make shure that it is not gas powered. I have heard that the gas ones blow exhaust with the air flow, and you dont want that blowing on the car! just my $.02

Hope this helps

01-24-2002, 12:26 AM
No problem!!! just do not get too close else the dust turns into sand blast media!! I rinse first with water if it is heavy.

01-24-2002, 12:29 AM
I use my air compressor that I have for my nailgun. I`ve got this thing that hooks up to the hose and just blows air.

01-24-2002, 12:36 AM
My 80.gal air compressor with a blowgun does the job.

J Z06
10-19-2010, 05:08 PM
:) maybe a whole lot of CCS 6.5 or hydra tech pads?

i bought it in either `90 or `91. it is the same model as they make today and has never failed me. the cord became frayed after i first bought it,and a heavier duty one replaced the original. i even have the original box, wrench and sanding disc thingamajig! :D



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10-19-2010, 08:58 PM
This unit starts up at a much higher speed than the new one, the 9227C.

You might be better off with any of the regular foam pads vs the Hydro Pads, because the regular pads dont mind the speeds or heat as much and the Hydro pads do.

Given the wide range of great polishes out here now, i.e., Menzerna family, Meguiars 105/205, and now Optimum Spray Compound and Polishing compounds, the regular pads perform really great anyway, and dont give you much trouble, so you might want to start there.

You will need the appropriate backing plate/s for the foam pads, and Angelo can help you with that or you can go online and pick them out yourself. There are some super deals and discounting going on right now too.

I like all 3 backing plate sizes and use them all almost every day. I like to use the smaller 4-10/16" backing plate more now, and only use the bigger 5-11/16" backing plate on bigger panels like trucks, etc..

In my experience and work, I much more prefer the slower start up and tend to stay at lower speeds anyway - especially if Im using Hydro Pads, which are really not made for Rotary use, because they are a more fragile foam than any of the other pads.

However, because I finally have been able to get great results from both the Cyan and Tangerine Hydro pads, I use them the most with both Rotary and Random Orbital, and have finally been able to get them at a decent enough price to justify using them even if they have a shorter lifespan.

I even keep the shredded ones, and use them on lower body panels, where I dont care much about foam disinegration.

Either way you go, you will be fine; just keep in mind the Hydro`s are more a fragile pad, and if you dont treat them gently, they will signify their opposition by starting to shred.

Best of luck with your project ! Keep us posted ! :)

Dan F

J Z06
10-19-2010, 09:55 PM
Thanks for the information!