View Full Version : FT: Backing Plates, Wool Pads, Z-CS, and BW

09-27-2001, 12:14 AM
I`d like to see if there would be any interest in a Bay Area/Nor Cal Autopian dinner; to get together every few months and talk shop. Maybe 3 times a year? I know we have visitors from El Dorado Hills, Sacramento, Davis, Sausalito, San Francisco, East Bay, etc. An evening where we could talk shop, share products/ideas, and, of course, show off our work! Also people could bring any interesting tools (polishers, direct drive buffers, vacs, etc) for others to test drive. Anyway, if interested, gimme an email.

beau@morrissey-solo.com (``)

09-27-2001, 05:22 PM
Who does this "newbie" think he is? He thinks he can just start on our forum and make dinner plans with us. At least become a senior member first buddy. Hehe!

01-19-2010, 08:37 PM
Hey everyone,

I have some extra supplies that I`d like to trade.

Here`s the list:
2 - Meguiar`s W5000 wool pads - new in the package
2 - Meguiar`s WWHC7 Solo Heavy Cut wool pads - new in the package
2 - Meguiar`s W68 backing plates - new in the package
2 - Meguiar`s W68 backing plates - used maybe twice - velcro is as new
1 - Black Wow - 95% full
1 - Zaino Z-CS - 95% full
Full assortment of Uni-Grit papers - let me know if you have any in particular

I would like to trade for some BlackFire Wet Diamond, but I am open to other offers.