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07-01-2016, 09:54 PM
Not technically a review but didn`t know where to put this. Just wanted to share this story in case it helps anyone deal with annoying wheel cleaning duties.

Last summer I bought 20x9 and 20x10 gloss black hellcat replica wheels.

I never realized how big of a pain they would be.

I initially put permanon platinum on them and didn`t really like it so when hydro2lite came out I gave it a shot.

I reapply it about once every 6 weeks.

Sometimes I wipe the wheels down with Prima Hydro after drying them. (More on that later) or spray and gloss.

In a pinch one day I took a bottle of spray and rinse 1:1 i had made previously and used it in the same manner as directed on the bottle.




It worked so well I use it almost every time. Sometimes I`ll admit I just feel in the mood to use my boars hair brushes.

I went to clean my wheels this evening and thought I`d use the chance to post about this product and show another video of the air force blaster in action...

So here are the wheels, not terrible but dirtier than they`ve been in months. Car had to drive home in rain earlier this week (and got way less dirty than I was anticipating btw).



http://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160702/f3583a9e7708749a6763db7cc2a83c7d.jpgsoak (2mins) then rinse, touchless

http://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20160702/e17a6b3abfa540c2d33e8c05a5a23ff0.jpgair dried

Index finger swiped on barrel, middle finger on spoke

Clean? You be the judge.

Another wheel (this one on passenger front) i will do as before after...







About 2 month old hydro2lite beads

Over a month old bold n bright gel beads

Video of air force blaster drying a wheel


That`s it, method works great for me and doesn`t compromise the hydro2lite as far as I have seen. If the wheels are real dirty I do S&R at full strength or just normal wash the wheels then reup on the hydro2lite (which this scenario doesn`t come up much at all actually)

Thanks for viewing

I will also say I have next to no brake dust issues and I drive my car like I stole it, every time.

-Brandt K.

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07-01-2016, 10:53 PM
The brief review part:

This is diluted 1:1 with distilled water

Consistency is thinner of course and it runs more than the full strength

I need to put this in a larger easier sprayer to use, which i have just haven`t used yet.

Seems to clean my wheels very well. as they say your results/your method may vary

I also use it full strength at times and frequently use this on other vehicles with great results. I`ve only used it diluted on my vehicles.

Pretty great lazy mans approach to cleaning the wheels. I plan to play around with a slightly stronger dilution, perhaps 1oz s&r to .5 oz water soon.

Anyone else ever dilute this?

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07-01-2016, 11:55 PM
Nice write up, I will have to try this stuff at some point if it really is that good.
A question though, does bold n bright really last that long? I`ve been using CG VRP which lasts about a week, 2 with 2 coats and really good cleaning

07-02-2016, 12:02 AM
Nice write up, I will have to try this stuff at some point if it really is that good.
A question though, does bold n bright really last that long? I`ve been using CG VRP which lasts about a week, 2 with 2 coats and really good cleaning
Keep in mind this is a garage queen. I normally drive it ince or twice a week at best, and sometimes only once or twice a month just to club meets/shows.

So in the real world, no.

On my truck I use bold n bright liquid and it lasts the week as I normally wash my truck weekly.

I really want to try dp tire coating and should have added it to last order. I hear that`s some good stuff.

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07-02-2016, 12:08 AM
The tires are matte now, but still looks good to me, I dont have to have a lot of tire shine.

I just stood in the garage and decided I`d pass on adding more, i like the matte tire sheen sometimes.

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