View Full Version : PoorBoy`s ShamFoam (Grapes Above and Beyond)

05-29-2016, 07:26 PM
Had a chance to use PoorBoy`s foaming shampoo (SHAMFOAM) yesterday. It`s not really called that but I can see that skinny Aussie guy saying ShamFoam. ;) As others have said it`s purple and smells like grapes. This car is my daughter`s, she and her sister helped with the wash and both commented on the pleasant smell. These girls are first rate helpers. She took the pics and was very pleased with the outcome.

The car is a 2016 Escape, platinum white and was moderately dirty. The Ford truck in the background is also part of the family. My Father lives next door.




Mixed up a quart of the Poorboy`s Grape ShamFoam at 2 oz shampoo to 14 oz. water in the foamer.


Sprayed the car first with water to get the junk off and then foamed the car. This mixture foamed very thick and creamy. It is kind of like a wet shaving foam mixed a bit on the soapy side. This foamed as well (if not better) as the other premium products I`ve used recently and did a good job of clinging to the surface. At this point I felt the mix on the surface of the car with my finger, the lubricity of the foam may have been more slippery than the product I`ve been using. Once again the grape scent was very pleasant.




Rinsed the foam off and repeated the process. It rinsed off very easily, I was quite happy with how clean the surface was at this point prior to moving on to the bucket wash.


Finished up with a traditional 2 bucket wash. I didn`t have enough product to use the shampoo in the bucket but all in all I was impressed with the foam. My daughter is still getting the hang of the money shot (heck, she`s better than me). The end result was one clean Escape. We used BlackFire`s Sealant to finish the job.



I appreciate the opportunity to review this new product. Once again, priced right, Poorboy`s has another winner here.