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02-10-2016, 04:42 AM
Every time I run out of whatever glass cleaner I have, I try a new one. In the past 2.5 years I have tried 3 and had 3 new favorites. In my quest to overspend on detailing products, I was lead to Scholl Concepts ICE Glass Cleaning Gel. It`s fairly pricey for glass cleaner, but... It`s considerably cheaper than Polish Angels offering :D

http://cdn2.bigcommerce.com/server3700/e27d9/products/545/images/2141/Scholl_Concepts_ICE_glass_Cleaner__37147.140708760 1.780.780.jpg?c=2

My previous favorite glass cleaner was Adam`s, imho it works fantastic, doesn`t flash quick even in heat and smells good. I was all set to buy more, but I stumbled upon Scholl`s offering. It`s pricey and it`s imported from German, ummmm! So it has to be good right?? just kidding, I liked that it was a gel and even without being able to find reviews, everything I`ve seen talked about from Scholl Concepts has been highly regarded. My favorite before Adam`s was Auto Finesse`s, but it flashed WAY quick and didn`t work well in direct sunlight at all. My favorite before that was DP uhhh whatever their glass cleaner is called.

The consistency of it`s like a liquidy gel, if that makes sense. It`s not so thick the sprayer has trouble with it, but it barely runs at all. While it`s not as clingy as hair gel or something similar, the way it clings to windows is pretty damn sweet. Windows in general are my least favorite part of detailing, I just seem to suck at getting them to the clean level I want. The worst is the inside, I spray and a bunch of the product trickles off onto my dash. Sure, I can wipe it down and then proceed with 303 or 1Z Cockpit, but it`s a pain to do interior windows. Well, that`s with every other glass cleaner I`ve ever used. Back to the clinginess of this product, I spray it inside my car, and there`s no mist falling to my dash. While that`s great, it wouldn`t mean much if the product doesn`t work well. This product is fantastic, it clings, it cleans, it works uber good in direct sunlight, I don`t know to what temp it will still work well. But I know it worked for me when it was very warm and sunny to where most others would have flashed and/or left streaks like crazy. No streaks here. And while I can`t say I have tested it, it contains a polymer sealant which should help with water beading. So it`s like a glass cleaner + sealant in 1. Which makes the asking price much more reasonable. I don`t have any before and after pictures yet. But, tomorrow or the next day I plan to wash my dirty car and take some window pics. It`s suppose to be 90`ish and very sunny here in So Cal the rest of the week, so I`ll be able to give it a very good testing. I Uber Hi Tech Glass Microfiber Towels, they`re my favorite glass towel by far. Well, until I find another to try that I like better. lol But I`ve tried many towels that are marketed for glass, and these just smokes the others.

I will come back with pics in a few days. Anyone looking for a good glass cleaner should seriously consider this.

02-10-2016, 08:24 AM
Good deal
Too bad I just bought a big bottle
This will be my next to try after Wolfgangs run out

02-10-2016, 09:14 AM
Good review. Look forward to seeing those pics.

02-13-2016, 08:14 PM
Got some pics, I had a before that I thought was better but the exposure was all screwed up. And I need to add, while it doesn`t drip once sprayed, I noticed a bit of mist fall to my dash while spraying , so I still had to wipe it down. Oh well lol


This unfortunately is the only other before pic I took, it`s way too Macro`ish but you can see how filthy the window was. IMHO from farther back it looked bad but in totally different way.


I learned I SUCK at taking photos of windows lol. I took a bunch of afters, but I couldn`t get the light how I wanted it. Regardless, I think this shows the after pretty well. When my bottle`s almost empty I plan to order the 5 liter jug. WOO for Imperial stuff where instead of 1 gallon we get 1.3 gallons :D

02-13-2016, 10:20 PM
Thanks for the review. I don`t think I will ever run out of my gallon of Meguires glass cleaner concentrate.��

02-13-2016, 10:23 PM
Nice review, quebert.
Look forward to trying this product in the future.
Keep us posted on this and anything else you test out.