View Full Version : Detailing The Man Forum Has Moved!

Bobby G
12-29-2008, 07:27 PM
As I announced a couple months ago, a new Detailing The Man forum has been created at DTM Home (http://www.detailingtheman.com). All but a handful of the posts from the original DTM froum area on Autopia.org have been moved, along with all of the user accounts from Autopia.org (through December 27, 2008).

If you are interested in the DTM discussion, please come and join me. In the coming days and weeks, I will be adding:

- Articles

- Products for review

- Photo Galleries (picture hosting)

- Link directories

- Coupon trading

... And more!

If you`re not interested in the DTM discussion, your profile information will be deleted in 30 days. In other words, anyone who does not login to their profile on the new DTM site will have their profile removed by me in 30 days.

For those of you who do decide to join in the discussion, you will have the distinction of being a "Charter Member". Only Autopia.org members who login to their profile on DTM will have the "Charter Member" title.

There`s still lots of work to be done on the DTM site, so please excuse the mess while I work.

Hope to see you all there!