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Bobby G
01-31-2006, 12:43 PM

As I announced in my last news post, Autopia.org is making more sponsor opportunities available in 2006. These include more advertising areas and private sponsor forums.

Private sponsor forums are forum areas dedicated to sponsors who wish to purchase this service. These forum areas allow the sponsor to have "commercial discussions" with the community.

Sponsors will have the opportunity and flexibility to manage their private forum as the see fit, within the basic posting guidelines of the community. This also means they have the right to remove threads that are not beneficial to their business. We (the Moderator staff) will not be involved in the management of sponsor forum areas unless we receive a complaint.

I hope this new service will be a valued benefit to both members and sponsors. In keeping with this service opportunity, I ask that all members help us rid the community of unwanted advertising (SPAM) by reporting abuse.

New sponsors may sign-up for a self-service account by creating an account at http://autopia.org/sponsors. If you have questions, please email me on david@autopia.org (please do not PM me!).