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  10. Good luck Jason
  11. Todd Helme
  12. Will rupes offer forcedH
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  16. Looking sharp Mr Rose!
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  18. Kamikaze beast 5" backing plate
  19. Rupes pads vs B&S/LC colors
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  23. Found this video on the RUPES YouTube Channel
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  25. Power vs. Consumption - Why bigger is not always better.
  26. Ferrari Daytona vs. Mk II BigFoot!
  27. iBrid Spy Shot????
  28. BigFoot goes NANO: The next REVOLUTION in polishing and detailing - The BigFoot Nano w iBrid Technology
  29. How much do you think the BigFoot Nano will cost?
  30. RUPES Nano vs. 2000 grit sand scratches
  31. RUPES Nano vs. neglected Hummer H2 - swirl free results in 40 seconds (1-step)
  32. UHS pads with Carpro Essence
  33. Polishing my bike with the BigFoot Nano
  34. Rubber cup shredding rubber everywhere on my 21
  35. Let`s talk Backing plates!
  36. Let`s talk Backing plates!
  37. Lets talk about backing plates
  38. Trouble with Rupes 4 inch pads
  39. Rupes BigFoot LHR21 MarkII is a Beast!
  40. backing plate screw spec?
  41. Pre-ordered the Nano from ACC
  42. 2016 East Coast Detailers Workshop - with Special Guests Larry Kosilla, Jason Rose, & Dylan von Kleist
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  44. Some pictures from the Detailers Domain event
  45. Nano issue or user is a dummy
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  48. Where was your BigFoot made? In the USA?
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  50. Which Rupes do you have?