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    Directions are on the bottles, just in case, any tips for a first-time user?

    We have lots of bee pollen here (yellow drops). Hopefully, the bug remover helps break them down.

    Have used Odor Terminator from Valuguard (Auto Int) before, but thought I`d give this a try.

    Also, got the new blue foam HD pad. Looks and feels very nice!

    I typically use OPT Power Clean for wheels, but hoping the yellow deg. is a little stronger for some wheels and tires.

    Thanks, Rob
    Robert and Susan Regan

    Towel Pros Microfiber

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    Hi Rob! I would love to hear your own reviews of these products.

    Subscribed! I have used the yellow degreaser, but the wheels were in pretty good shape so naturally it worked great!

    When will you use the bug remover?



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