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    Re: Holy sheet: EXO v CSL v CSL w/EXO - A longevity test

    Quote Originally Posted by jrock645 View Post
    Hmm this csl/exo combi makes me wanna polish off gloss coat and try it. Must resist!
    it`s quite ridiculous

    take this example of a hood wet with water in the morning

    I drive about a mile to get to the access road to the interstate though residential areas on a road with a 30mph speed limit

    once my truck hits about 22mph the CSL + EXOv2 side starts to move the water off that section of the hood- while literally Nothing is happening on the CSL and EXOv2 only sides (until I make a right turn onto the access road and the larger CSL beads make their way to the CSL + EXOv2 side and fly off the hood

    at 25 the CSL+ EXOv2 is already moving and by the time I get to 40 it`s almost all off the truck

    the CSL and EXOv2 only sides take Highway speeds to start moving off (that`s 70mph btw)

    the difference is Night and Day when you top CSL with EXOv2 based on my experience

    I`m curious to see how my CSL + EXOv2 vs CSL + EXOv3 test turns out (will share that eventually) because v3 has 5-10 degrees less of contact angle...part of me thinks its not going to be as good as v2 AS A TOPPER for CSL... which is why I plan to test them side by side to see for myself

    as a side note the fender that has 6 or 7 or even maybe 8 layers of EXOv2 on it is still performing at 100% as it was after applied....

    I think you need at least 4 layers of EXOv2 minimum...but who has time for that? (besdies me,lol)

    Brandt K.

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    Re: Holy sheet: EXO v CSL v CSL w/EXO - A longevity test

    Good lord that`s a lot of layers


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