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Forever Black Review (Trim restorer)

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#1 StoicDude


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Posted 08 June 2006 - 06:49 PM

I noticed that the plastic trim on my car has gone pretty much white, so I had to get something, since it looked pretty bad.

I had tried Mother's back to black, but that didnt do much and it lasted for about a week. One rainy day and it was gone.

I looked online for something different and came across Forever Black. I read up a couple of thing on it from properautocare and located a dealer in my town.

I paid $15, and you can get it online for $12, but I like having the item immediatly and with shipping it would have been probably the same.

I decided to do my lower grills, since I didn't know how this thing is going to perform and if I wasnt happy, hell, its just the lower grill.

It is like a shoe polish applicator (the one in a bottle) and it really sucked to get tight spots. I had to use a q tip, which was fine. With the Q-tip it gets a bit messy, plus the cap is somewhat of a special design and so makes the liquid hard to dispense.
Once on the Qtip it was no problem.
You can exactly see where you are applying the liquid.

I was happy with the lower grills, since all of them had received a fair share of rock/ sand blasts and they are not in perfect condition. Forever black is a dye, so I am not surprosed about the results.
The main question is, how long is it going to last.
It is not a shiny product, but is rather matt.

I did a small section next to my mirror housing and you could notice streaking from the applicator. Maybe it needs more time to dry, and I will report tomorrow. I will also do the area under my windshield wipers, since that is the worst piece and the main reason I bought it.

Here are some pictures of the left lower grill (how it looked before) and the right lower grill which has Forever Black on it.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

#2 DJ Trackie

DJ Trackie

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Posted 08 June 2006 - 07:36 PM

i found out that Forever Black works well for hard black plastic such as running boards and windshield wiper wells.

However, they really SUCK at the rubber trim restoration. The streaking is horrible and it's permanent! I will never ever use FB on rubber trim again!!! For that, Mother's back to black actually has worked out that best for me. Yes it attacts dust, but it actually feels like it's rehydrating the rubber, and with enough applications, it will help restore the rubber trim.

#3 steveo3002


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Posted 08 June 2006 - 11:14 PM

i found the results pretty much last..its difficult to get a good result with that shoe polish thingy, id suggest you empty the can into a large container and use a bigger sponge to try and get get smooth even coats
i also needed 4+ coats on my faded trims

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