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ph scale for soaps

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Posted 16 June 2004 - 10:47 AM

I've used Dawn dish soap for years for cleaning my foam pads and other items. I called the company because I was curious to see what level on the ph scale Dawn is. I was told that the regular Dawn is a 8, while Dawn complete is a 9.

This confuses me a little because I fully understand not to use household soap for washing vehicles, and I never have, nor do I plan to. I've been told that Meguiar's Gold Class car soap is also a 9 on the ph scale. This is where I'm confused. If Dawn has a ph of 8 or 9, and an automotive soap has a ph level of 9, why is it bad to use the Dawn on your paint? Has this nothing to do with the ph of each product, but it's the ingredients of the product?

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