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Unscientific Review: S100, Nu Finish, Blue Poly(!)

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Posted 18 April 2003 - 08:08 PM

I was going to post this little experience of mine in Aurorav8's thread to give more input, but it was getting too long so here it is instead.... now even longer. ;)

In early December I divided the hood of my parents' van into 3rds, cleaned whatever I had on it off with Mothers pre-wax cleaner, and applied 3 products just to see how they'd do:

Nu Finish liquid
Blue Coral Blue Poly liquid
Mothers glaze with S100 carnauba wax

Both the Nu Finish and Blue Poly (which is out of production by the way) are some number over 10 years old, and are left over from when my father waxed his vehicles occasionally. Nu Finish is still made (and smells the same - whew!) but who knows if it's been reforumulated since then. The test was mainly to see how this leftover stuff worked for my curiousity and to see how S100 holds up.

Today months later it was nice enough outside for me to wash my parent's van, and I had almost forgotten about this test I was running. After the relatively mild winter (not below -10), maybe 1 QD session, and sporadic washing, the S100 side is degraded, but still there to some degree. The van is usually parked under a carport. The post-wash rinse revealed most of the S100 side was still beading unevenly, with some sheeting spots. The Blue Poly and Nu Finish sides were both sheeting and partially clinging similarly, with almost no beads. After drying I forgot to compare slickness (I was distracted :(), but after QDing the entire vehicle with EO Wipe & Shine, I compared this anyway. The S100 side was definitely slicker than either the Nu Finish or BP sides. I went back and forth several times to make sure it wasn't just my imagination. It's difficult to describe, but the S100 side was not only noticably slicker, but also felt "smoother" and "softer" than the others. I'm lead to believe that there is indeed still wax on that 3rd of the hood.

I did not judge appearance before or after partially because the hood has a clouding problem that has resisted several attempts to correct it, but it is not oxidized. Also worth noting is that the older coat of Nu Finish on the rest of the vehicle was essentially completely gone, leaving the paint almost squeaky (I noticed while QDing) and clinging water.

In summary, I was somewhat surprised to see that S100 was still providing some level of protection to the paint. Maybe not a "great" amount of wax was left since beading is uneven, but beads none the less, where the other 2 products had given up totally. Early on, people naturally assumed that "easy on, easy off" paste waxes had pretty poor durability, but this seems fairly durable to me. :)

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Posted 18 April 2003 - 08:13 PM

Interesting... :up

I'm not suprised S100 held up at least somewhat. I think it is pretty durable for a carnuba.

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