The best detail most importantly begins with a thorough wash...each step impeccably performed applying the best chemicals in a knowledgable and disciplined fashion. This is NOT a sideline for me. This is what I have been doing for over 39 years! I am the "Paintxpert" from CT. I can do any car in the tri-state area. There would be a charge for travel. I deal with surface paint problems and can do a FREE auto paint surface EVALUATION on any car that you like. My specialty is dull and WEATHERED finishes......I can also do SCRATCH REMOVAL only if the clear coat is not damaged! I take my work VERY must be right and ABOVE acceptable to me. Thats why when you go to: ASK.COM and put in "Auto Polishing CT" I come up FIRST!!!! Be Well "Paintxpert"! 203-377-7797 "SHINE SINCE 1969" Home of the "InvisibleGarageProtection" tm. by Ben Leone Detailer. "Paintxpert"